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Summer Blockbuster!?! | Episode 8

June 27, 2017

#8: It Comes at Night

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Episode Description: On this week’s episode we head to the movie theater and check out a film that a majority of critics love and audiences seem to despise, 2017’s “horror” flick It Comes at Night. So what exactly is ‘it’? Why is ‘it’ coming? And, hey, why is the screensuddenly so tiny? We attempt to get to the bottom of it all, while wondering why the studio’s marketing team hasn’t yet been drawn and quartered. Warning: this episode contains major spoilers.

Summer Blockbuster!?! is new podcast featuring InRO Deputy Editor Luke Gorham and Bradley University film professor Steve Warner. The duo look to tackle films each episode which received wide releases during the competitive summer movie season, but which had no sensible reason for such a rollout. A new episode will be posted each Friday during the summer months, moving to a bi-weekly posting schedule after. Catch up on past episodes right here, and subscribe through the iTunes Store or GooglePlay for Android.