Film at Lincoln Center - DOC NYC
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DOC NYC 2022 — Dispatch 1: Films We’ve Already Covered

November 14, 2022

DOC NYC is back. Boasting the tagline “America’s Largest Documentary Festival,” the renown is on the tin, but it’s nonetheless always a treat to comb through the carefully selected slate every November. Featuring acclaimed debuts and a selection of annual festival favorites alongside more experimental fare, DOC NYC is a welcome getaway after months of buzzy festival drops and the onslaught of prestige awards fare clogging both streaming and theaters.

We’re diving into 2022’s curation currently, and will circle back soon with more coverage, but in the meantime, we’ve already caught up with a round 10 of this year’s titles, linked below. Check out our thoughts, and head on over to the DOC NYC HQ for full lineup and ticketing information.