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by Ryo Miyauchi

by Ryo Miyauchi Kicking the Canon Music

Mary J. Blige | My Life

After writing the early blueprint for ’90s R&B, Mary J. Blige laid out her own musical foundations on 1994’s My Life. The influence of hip-hop began to seep into R&B by the end of the ’80s  —  a period that soon saw Bell Biv…

by Ryo Miyauchi Ledger Line Music

Bat for Lashes | Lost Girls

On Lost Girls, Natasha Khan sounds more free than she has since she completely lay her trust in the arms of another on “Daniel,” the lead single off her 2009 album Two Suns. Interim Bat for Lashes releases have found Khan growing more wary…

by Ryo Miyauchi Foreign Correspondent Music

Kiki Vivi Lily | Vivid

Love songs come second nature to Kiki Vivi Lily on her debut full-length, Vivid. Thinking about black coffee leads to the sweet dedication “Caffeine Holic,” addressed to a specific crush who inspired a habit the narrator can’t quite shake: “It’s too late, I’m addicted to…