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by Zachary Goldkind

Credit: Screen Media
Before We Vanish by Zachary Goldkind Film

Girl | Chad Faust

Girl is a deeply unremarkable, almost anonymous film that nonetheless testifies to the fascinating, untapped presence Bella Thorne offers.  There isn’t real reason to brood much over Girl, a uniformly monotonous thriller which features broad strokes of anonymity that bleed into a kind of wishful…

November 24, 2020
Credit: TIFF
by Zachary Goldkind Film

Gaza Mon Amour | Arab & Tarzan Nasser

Arab and Tarzan Nasser’s finely-crafted romance, Gaza Mon Amour, invokes the sensibilities of a fairy tale as a means to cultivate grand gestures of sentimentality, aided by orchestral cues and sweeping wide shots — akin to the early romanticism of melodrama — and thus…

September 23, 2020
Credit: NYAFF
by Zachary Goldkind Film

Miyamoto | Tetsuya Mariko

Miyamoto hopes to manifest the power of a pendulum hanging over one’s head — swaying, seeking a point of equilibrium. That pendulum is morality: At the core of director Tetsuya Mariko’s adaptation (there’s already been a Miyamoto manga and TV series) is a rape, but…

September 17, 2020
Credit: NYAFF
by Zachary Goldkind Film

Forgiven Children | Eisuke Naito

Forgiven Children is a reactionary apologist’s straw man, an irresponsible configuration of centrist thought which aestheticizes and generalizes any viewpoints that would be positioned in opposition to it. A young boy is murdered, and his murderer — another juvenile — goes free, the court…

September 14, 2020
Photo: IFC Films
Before We Vanish by Zachary Goldkind Film

Babyteeth | Shannon Murphy

Overly reliant on metaphorical contrivance and signaled emotionality, Babyteeth fails to transcend its archetypal narrative. An unadorned tale of woe, grief, angst, love, mortality, and familial hardship, Shannon Murphy’s Babyteeth struggles to create any sense of cohesiveness in either theme or narrative through-line. Haphazardly…

June 27, 2020
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