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by Zachary Goldkind

Photo: IFC Films
Before We Vanish by Zachary Goldkind Film

Babyteeth | Shannon Murphy

Overly reliant on metaphorical contrivance and signaled emotionality, Babyteeth fails to transcend its archetypal narrative. An unadorned tale of woe, grief, angst, love, mortality, and familial hardship, Shannon Murphy’s Babyteeth struggles to create any sense of cohesiveness in either theme or narrative through-line. Haphazardly…

June 27, 2020
by Zachary Goldkind Film Retrospective

Your Face | Tsai Ming-liang

In considering the artistic decay posed within the persisting practice of archetypal expository documentary, Your Face represents a confrontation with history and convention, here mapped in the contours and minute expressions playing out across a variety of people. A selection of 12 faces interact…

June 18, 2020
by Zachary Goldkind Film Retrospective

Li Hsiang’s Love Line | Tsai Ming-liang

Prior to the solidification of Tsai Ming-liang’s career, which is arguably realized with his first Lee Kang-Sheng collaboration (in the television commissioned project Boys), there was Li Hsiang’s Love Line, a rather frugal yet quietly evocative film which offers an intriguing relationship explicated through…

June 4, 2020
Photo: Christian Schulz/Schramm Film
by Zachary Goldkind Film

Undine | Christian Petzold

A spectral trilogy concludes under refracted conditions in Christian Petzold’s diagnostic landscape of 20th Century anxieties, which actualizes the magical realist gestures methodically peppered throughout his last two projects, Phoenix and Transit. This development has evinced the increased crystallization of a certain kind of…

February 29, 2020
In Review | Online film and music criticism