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Credit: Netflix
by Conor Williams Film Streaming Scene

Procession | Robert Greene

Procession is a work of communal catharsis, applying Greene’s particular documentarian inclinations to emotionally potent ends. Certain films allow cinema to display its unbridled capacity for humanity. Certain films can truly change lives, as hyperbolic as that may sound. Robert Greene’s new documentary Procession is…

Credit: Neon
by Patrick Preziosi Film Horizon Line

The First Wave | Matthew Heineman

The First Wave isn’t much more than an ornamental object, pointlessly self-assured in its distasteful aesthetic manipulations. The compartmentalization that contemporary documentary tends to engender — divorcing thematic intent from aesthetic misguidedness — is undoubtedly exacerbated in the time of the COVID-19 film. Considering everything…

Credit: Shudder
by Daniel Gorman Film Streaming Scene

The Strings | Ryan Glover

The Strings is pure vibe-y lite-horror, director Ryan Glover skilled at eerie mood-setting and constructing effective compositions and ambiance.  Ryan Glover’s new film The Strings is almost entirely a one-woman show. An evocative, moody chamber piece, the film (co-written by Glover and Krista Dzialoszynski) follows musician…