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Gravitas Ventures

Credit: IFFR
by Chris Mello Film Genre Views

Lone Wolf | Jonathan Ogilvie

Love Wolf boasts a bold formal idea that’s wielded to unfortunately perfunctory ends. Jonathan Ogilvie’s Lone Wolf, a political thriller told almost entirely through mock surveillance footage, has an admittedly good hook. The police are surveilling Conrad, the radical owner of an anarchist books and…

Credit: Gravitas Ventures
Before We Vanish by Selina Lee Film

Exodus | Logan Stone

Exodus tantalizes with the possibility of incisive critique, but ultimately paints a fairly empty picture. Exodus, the debut feature by cinematographer-turned-director Logan Stone, is a peculiarly insular version of a standard post-apocalyptic thriller. Stone’s vision of America seven years after the Rapture is nearly indistinguishable…

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