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Malignant | James Wan

Malignant isn’t a start-to-finish success, but its final 30 minutes solidify it as one of the wildest, weirdest horror films in some time. In interviews and in marketing materials, Malignant is pitched as James Wan’s take on the Giallo, but while the director borrows elements…

Blockbuster Beat by Matt Lynch Film

Aquaman | James Wan

Imagine a script development meeting where everyone involved in making Aquaman sat down to solve one all-important question: “How do we make Aquaman cool?” Now imagine if the answer was, “What if we don’t?” After the DC comics cinematic universe failed to take off as…

Blockbuster Beat by Matt Lynch Film

Furious 7 | James Wan

You can claim to be invested in the Fast and/or Furious series for fancy cars, or for the characters and the laid-back diversity of the cast, or the occasional welcome nod to feminism, but really it’s all about the action. When Fast Five and, to a much greater…

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