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Credit: Matthew Rudenberg
by Daniel Gorman Film

Ultrasound | Rob Schroeder

Rob Schroeder’s Ultrasound exists on an uneasy continuum between genuinely unsettling weirdness and J.J. Abrams-style mystery-box storytelling, where plot exists solely as a twist delivery system to jolt an unsuspecting audience. It leans more towards the former than the later, for the better, but…

Credit: Agnes of God, LLC
by Matt Lynch Film

Agnes | Mickey Reece

Prolific Oklahoma underground filmmaker Mickey Reece is out there blowing up everyone’s spot again with another affecting and deeply idiosyncratic work that — like previous films such as Climate of the Hunter or Alien — is as specific as it is almost uncategorizable. Agnes…

Credit: IFFR
by Luke Gorham Film

Poupelle of Chimney Town | Yusuke Hirota

At this point, it’s fairly useless to ascribe Studio Ghibli qualities to any new anime release, so diluted have such comparisons become, but there’s an undeniable touch of that familiar eco fabulism to Studio 4°C’s latest, Poupelle of Chimney Town. Based on a children’s…

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