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Bad Idea Podcast | Episode 32

December 18, 2017

#32: Beyond the Masked Tortilla: Musicians Making Movies

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Episode Description: “This is where we came in…” Like guilty men returning to the scene of a crime, Simon and Steve decide to revisit an idea they’ve had before — in fact, the idea behind the very first Bad Idea, the cinematic career of Frank Zappa. Your co-hosts have used the Zappa episode as a jumping-off point to explore the careers of other musicians who thought they could do as well in the movies, only to find out that things aren’t as easy as they appear. Whether gangsta rappers, nu-metallers, cover-band frontmen or inquisitive clown-faced provocateurs, all let their inexperience show… and some in more interesting ways than others. What isn’t interesting this time around is the Netflix Grab Bag film: the godawful sign-language artsploitation object The Tribe, whose sole purpose seems to be to make Simon and Steve wish there was another Cam’ron film they could have watched instead. Wanna know about cops that can’t be killed, magic ninjas, fuckin’ shoeboxes and the conspiracy to sic the IRS on Nicolas Cage? Then let Bad Idea Podcast ooze into your earholes. This note’s for you.