Summer Blockbuster | Episode 110: Gamer
by Luke Gorham by Steven Warner Featured Podcasts

Summer Blockbuster!?! | Episode 110: Gamer

February 28, 2020

#110: Gamer

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Episode Description: Apparently we have become the Neveldine/Taylor podcast, as this week, we take on yet another entry in their storied filmography, 2009’s futuristic sci-fi action flick Gamer. A natural extension of a brand that prides itself on video game aesthetics, we now have a film in which video games have literally come to life, with wealthy gamers controlling lower-class “actors” to enact their deepest desires, namely violence and sex. Gerard Butler works himself into the proceedings, as does a shockingly buff Michael C. Hall. But what proves most surprising is how preachy and didactic everything is here. What happened to the offensive dude bros we know and love?