Summer Blockbuster | Episode 116: The Manhattan Project
Credit: 20th Century Fox
by Luke Gorham by Steven Warner Featured Podcasts

Summer Blockbuster!?! | Episode 116: The Manhattan Project

March 1, 2021

Episode Description: This week, nuclear war meets teen comedy as we take on 1986’s ill-conceived The Manhattan Project, directed by Marshall Brickman. Christopher Collet stars as a high school genius who steals some plutonium from John Lithgow and uses it to create an atomic bomb for the science fair. Yes, you read all of that correctly. It’s a film with a premise that surely ranks as one the dumbest things we have encountered on this podcast — and also what makes it kind of charming? Too bad it’s so thematically inept and remarkably stupid, although Lithgow’s innate sexiness makes the proceedings somewhat more palatable. The man is an Adonis, plain and simple. Respect.

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