Credit: SXSW
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SXSW Film Festival 2021 — Dispatch 1: Films We’ve Already Covered

March 16, 2021

After being forced to cancel 2020’s festival in the eleventh hour in the wake of Covid’s proliferation across the U.S., SXSW returns in 2021. Adopting the virtual format — even after Gov. Greg Abbott’s most recent act of idiocy (which, honestly, probably isn’t the most recent by the time this publishes) — SXSW follows in the festival circuit’s digital footsteps of the past year, partnering with backend streaming platform behemoth Shift72 for an online experience (given the fest’s live music foundation, the transition here was presumably trickier than most). But we at InRO are only focusing on the Film Festival side of SXSW this year, and we’re getting things started today with a quick look at films we’ve already written about, something we always do, but more inevitable here given one of SXSW’s film sections is titled “Festival Favorites.” Things kick off today and run through this Saturday, March 20, so we’ll be back in short order this week with a handful of dispatches tackling some of the fest’s big batch of world premieres.