Credit: Fantasia Festival
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Fantasia Fest 2021 — Dispatch 1: Films We’ve Already Covered

August 5, 2021

Fantasia Fest, one of genre cinephiles’ favorite fests, is back in virtual form this year, kicking off today and celebrating its 25th birthday with a whole new slate of lizard-brained, face-melting fare. Across the month of August, InRO will be back on the Fantasia grind — in addition to six other fests in the next seven weeks, so keep watch; we don’t sleep all that much — trying to find the next horror, thriller, or action breakout flick. Our coverage will begin in earnest next week, after the first wave of films premiere, but thanks to our fleshed-out base of genre-movie writers, we’ve already published pieces on 20 of these titles. So take the weekend, catch up on our thoughts on those first twenty below, head on over to Fantasia Festival’s platform to peep the offerings, and watch for the many dispatches of new Fantasia content we’ll be putting out over the next couple weeks.