Belle and Sebastian - Late Developers - Matador
Credit: Hollie Fernando
by Andrew Bosma Featured Ledger Line Music

Belle and Sebastian — Late Developers

January 20, 2023

With a history of quick turnaround releases, Belle and Sebastian stays true to form and follows up last year’s A Bit of Previous with Late Developers, an album comprised of recordings from the same sessions as that other recent record. But rather than delivering a set of strictly B-Sides, the band instead offers something reminiscent of their earlier era, revisiting the distinctive sounds that made them popular way back in their ‘90s heyday. Long-standing fans are likely to point to 1996’s Tigermilk as a major watershed moment of both artistic progress and critical success for Belle and Sebastian, and its quickly released successor, If You’re Feeling Sinister, was another major coup for the group, and built even further on the style that they were cultivating at that time. Now, over two decades later, B&S have delivered a similar one-two punch with the release of A Bit of Previous and Late Developers, the former’s sounds and textures neatly and cohesively bleeding into the latter’s. 

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Published as part of InRO Weekly — Volume 1, Issue 3.