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by Nicholas Yap

Credit: Utopia
Before We Vanish by Nicholas Yap Film

Minor Premise | Eric Schultz

Minor Premise boasts classic sci-fi origins, but is largely a shamble of ill-fitting elements that fails to build to anything cohesive or appealing. One of the science fiction genre’s most enduring fascinations has been with memory and its plasticine architecture — better endowed in a…

December 18, 2020
Credit: IFC Films
by Nicholas Yap Film Horizon Line

Farwell Amor | Ekwa Msangi

Farewell Amor resembles, in shape, less accomplished recent indie efforts, but it eschews much of their patness in creating something altogether more complex and affecting. From a cursory glance, one could be forgiven for dismissing Ekwa Msangi’s feature debut, Farewell Amor, as yet another recrudescent…

December 11, 2020
In Review | Online film and music criticism