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#KickingtheCanon by Tony G. Huang Music

Big Star | Radio City

March 20, 2020

It can be tempting to give up early on Radio City — right after album opener “O, My Soul,” the one song here that seems to just go on and on, as if it were meant to weed-out those who would judge the band in haste. But “O, My Soul” is actually just the tough, technically accomplished exterior of an album otherwise filled with explosively passionate music: track after track, Radio City delivers some of the most beautiful songs put…

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#KickingtheCanon by Sam Thomas-Redfern Film

Cockfighter | Monte Hellman

Any talk of this film would be remiss without mention of its legendary tagline: “He came into town with his cock in his hand, and what he did with it was illegal in 49 states.” Notwithstanding this audacious piece of marketing, Cockfighter was a…

January 26, 2019
#KickingtheCanon by Jason Gubbels Music

Randy Newman | Good Old Boys

Few things rankle a Southerner quite like the feeling that they’re being condescended to or underestimated by an outsider, and Good Old Boys toes a very fine line between being a smug bit of regionalist condescension and a brilliant albeit witheringly cynical piece of sociology. It’s…

June 19, 2015
#KickingtheCanon by Jason Gubbels Music

Tangerine Dream | Phaedra

The daughter of Minos and wife of Theseus has long fascinated many a romantic soul — Euripides, Racine, Swinburne, and Lee Hazlewood all wove the name of Phaedra into their offerings (Hazlewood via the 1967 Nancy Sinatra-aided schlock classic “Some Velvet Morning”). Edgar Froese’s reasons for…

January 24, 2015
by Jordan Cronk Retrospective

The Traveler | Abbas Kiarostami

Future Iranian arthouse figurehead Abbas Kiarostami arrived in 1974 not only with his first feature-length film, but also a set of stylistic and thematic inclinations he’d spend the better part of three decades refining and expanding upon. It wasn’t until this year’s very different…

August 22, 2011
In Review | Online film and music criticism