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April 2, 2015

#KickingtheCanon by Odie Henderson Music

Prince and the Revolution | Parade

April 2, 2015

Beginning with its titular event and ending with a funeral, Prince’s Parade is obsessed with love, sex and death. If that weren’t enough baggage, Parade also serves as the soundtrack to the 1986 film Under the Cherry Moon. Prince’s Paris-set follow-up to Purple Rain tells the life and death story of Prince’s gigolo character, Christopher Tracy, who gets name-checked in Parade’s opening tune, “Christopher Tracy’s Parade.” The album bookends this life-affirming ditty with the mournful, metaphoric “Sometimes It Snows in April,” which eulogizes Tracy by informing of his greatness.…

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#BlockbusterBeat by Matt Lynch Film

Furious 7 | James Wan

You can claim to be invested in the Fast and/or Furious series for fancy cars, or for the characters and the laid-back diversity of the cast, or the occasional welcome nod to feminism, but really it’s all about the action. When Fast Five and, to a much greater…

April 2, 2015
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