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Quick Takes on Albums 2018 – Halftime (Part 2)

July 4, 2018

All this week at In Review Online, we’ll be presenting our takes on some notable (and less notable) albums that saw release during the first six months of the year, more or less chronologically. In the second of four installments (find the first one here), we look primarily at spring 2018 releases, including a career summative statement from dream-pop duo Beach House; a major rap debut from former reality TV star Cardi B; a record-breaking album from K-pop boy band BTS; and more.…

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by InRO Staff Music Year in Review

Top 10 Albums of 2015

December 31, 2015
Top Albums of 2015

This was the year when the biggest artists on the planet spent more time than anyone’s patience would allow teasing albums that never came. Kanye, Rihanna, Drake, Frank Ocean, there were even Beyoncé rumors for awhile—none showed up to the album party, and in retrospect it’s not hard to see why: The top albums of 2015 were almost all in some way breakthroughs, work from artists who seemed to have something to prove.…

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by InRO Staff Music Year in Review

Top 10 Songs of 2015

December 30, 2015
AUSTIN, TX - MARCH 19:  Fetty Wap performs onstage at the Pandora Discovery Den showcase during the 2015 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival at The Gatsby on March 19, 2015 in Austin, Texas.  (Photo by Andy Pareti/Getty Images for SXSW)

It’s true, we didn’t really cover music all that extensively in 2015 (unless reviews of a 10-disc set of live Brad Mehldau material and a 4Minute EP cover the extent of music that mattered to you in 2015, which hey, we feel you), but we’re hoping to rectify this in the coming year, and as a good faith gesture for that resolution, we’ve put together a pair of lists to appraise a year in music that we definitely didn’t sleep through.…

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