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October 17, 2018

by Tony G. Huang Feature Articles Film Retrospective

Retrospective | Hong Sang-soo: Look at Everything Again Slowly

October 17, 2018

When Hong Sang-soo made his debut feature, 1996’s The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well, the South Korean cinema had not yet developed into the internationally acknowledged movement it is today. With accomplished debuts from Lee Chang-dong and Bong Joon-ho coming soon after, Hong would seem to ride in on a wave of filmmaking that established a new independent national cinema. Indeed, The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well now seems unusual, in the context of Hong’s filmography, due to…

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#StreamingScene by Kathie Smith Film

The Kindergarten Teacher | Nadav Lapid

You’d be forgiven if you didn’t know that the recent Maggie Gyllenhaal vehicle The Kindergarten Teacher was a remake of a 2015 Israeli movie. Although the original breezed through film festivals and a limited release without much fanfare, Nadav Lapid’s unorthodox character study is…

October 17, 2018
by InRO Staff Festival Coverage Film

New York Film Festival 2018 – Dispatch 1

The 2018 New York Film Festival just wrapped over the weekend — which means it’s curtains for 2018’s fall festival season (I’m so sorry). Our first dispatch tackles Main Slate selections from the fest that we haven’t already covered (see our five Toronto Film Festival dispatches and Private Life),…

October 17, 2018
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