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by Evan Morgan

Photo: Berlinale
by Evan Morgan Film Streaming Scene

Malmkrog | Cristi Puiu

Unlike Puiu’s similarly-shaped Sieranevada, Malmkrog is all empty abstraction, mistaking prattle for praxis. “For a talking cinema”: that’s the title that a young Maurice Scherer, not yet christened Eric Rohmer, selected for his signature polemic, and the apparent aim of the current Cristi Puiu project. The Romanian…

Photo: MK2
by Evan Morgan Film Horizon Line

Sibyl | Justine Triet

Sibyl is a film that feels richer at the margins than at the center, largely by design and to its credit.  Victoria, Justine Triet’s last film, opens with Virginie Efira curled up on a couch asking her therapist where, exactly, her life became unstuck. Efira occupies…

by Evan Morgan Film Retrospective

Afternoon | Tsai Ming-liang

Tsai Ming-liang and Lee Kang-sheng have one of the strangest relationships in movies. For dedicated Tsai (and Lee) fans, that goes almost without saying. From the beginning, this director’s camera has reserved for this actor’s body its tenderest embraces, its lustiest looks, its cruelest…

by Evan Morgan Film Retrospective

The Walker Shorts | Tsai Ming-liang

In 2013, around the time that Stray Dogs had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, Tsai Ming-liang announced his retirement from filmmaking. In the seven years since, he’s shown himself to be a rather active retiree, signing his name to no fewer…

Photo: TIFF
by Evan Morgan Film

Seven Years in May | Affonso Uchôa

The instinct to gather ’round a fire and share stories is as ancient as human urges get. The impulse to make movies in which the primary action unfolds via long-winded speeches delivered to offscreen flames—preferably in long, unremarkable fixed takes—is a more recent anthropological…