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by Sam C. Mac Film Horizon Line

Leave No Trace | Debra Granik

Debra Granik’s new film works best when it doesn’t allow the purity of its empathy to get in the way of its critique of the systems that let down its central pair, the PTSD-suffering war veteran Will (Ben Foster) and his 13 year-old daughter…

Blockbuster Beat by Matt Lynch Film

Unsane | Steven Soderbergh

Unsane is a nifty little movie, a cheeky, intelligent thriller shot in secret on an iPhone and slipped into theaters in the space of a few months. That’s not to say that it’s anything other than another of Steven Soderbergh’s genre-infused larks. Claire Foy stars as Sawyer Valentini,…

by Paul Attard Film Horizon Line

Paterson | Jim Jarmusch

Jim Jarmusch’s career trajectory has afforded distinct perspectives on his work, especially as that relates to the idea of a monotonous kind of living. Paterson is generally no different in this regard, but it hints at a possible introduction of optimism. The film’s titular protagonist…

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