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Credit: Luxbox
by Nicholas Yap Film Horizon Line

Nina Wu | Midi Z

Nina Wu‘s early patience and promise unfortunately gives way to a more sensationalized, ill-conceived study of trauma. Hailed as Taiwan’s answer to the #MeToo movement — a bizarre, flip cultural essentialism for its apparent belief in the historical discontinuity of art centered around accountability,…

April 2, 2021
Credit: Fantasia Fest
by Daniel Gorman Film Genre Views

Lapsis | Noah Hutton

Lapsis mines much of its dystopic power through appropriately small-scale world-building and clear-eyed rhetoric. Noah Hutton’s Lapsis is a genuine curiosity, a micro-budget sci-fi feature that blends speculative technology and a dry sense of humor with Ken Loach-style political agitprop. The world of Lapsis looks…

February 8, 2021
Credit: TIFF
by Lawrence Garcia Film Horizon Line

True Mothers | Naomi Kawase

True Mothers bears Kawase’s familiar textures and ambiance but is hampered by a few too many banal plot beats. Adapted from a 2015 bestseller by Mizuki Tsujimura, Naomi Kawase’s True Mothers is a melodrama rendered with an admirable textural specificity and a feel for the…

January 27, 2021
In Review | Online film and music criticism