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Credit: Liam Daniel
by Steven Warner Film Genre Views

The Courier | Dominic Cooke

The Courier doesn’t rank among the spy film greats and misunderstands its own core, but it’s a diverting enough shadows-and-cigarettes throwback. The Dad Movie of 2021 arrives with The Courier, Dominic Cooke’s sturdy historical thriller chronicling the two men responsible for halting the Cuban Missile…

by Paul Attard Film

Manchester by the Sea | Kenneth Lonergan

What Kenneth Lonergan understands, probably better than any other writer-director working today, is how difficult it is to communicate grief in a convincing way on screen. With three feature films thus far, Lonergan’s acute exploration of coping mechanisms seems almost universal in scope, yet…

by Carson Lund Film

The Homesman | Tommy Lee Jones

With The Homesman, Tommy Lee Jones’s torch-carrying efforts on behalf of the tried-and-tested beauty of the American West continue to be moving. Taking into account his feature appearance as a practical spokesperson for old western values in the Coen Brothers’ No Country for Old…

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