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Shevaun Mizrahi

Before We Vanish by Paul Attard Film

Distant Constellation | Shevaun Mizrahi

Distant Constellation focuses on a Turkish assisted living facility, whose barren halls visualize the tragic loneliness afflicting the residents, members of a forgotten generation whose suffering seems irrelevant to a country that is trying to rebuild itself. The elderly Turkish residents of the facility…

November 2, 2018
by InRO Staff Festival Coverage Film

BAMcinemaFest 2018 – Dispatch 2

The BAMcinemaFest wrapped its 10th edition earlier this week. We already covered some of the festival’s selections here. For our final dispatch, we look at a handful of strong documentaries from up and coming filmmakers, as well as a major new film from American indie film veteran Andrew Bujalski.…

July 2, 2018
In Review | Online film and music criticism