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#KickingtheCanon by Lawrence Garcia Film

Deep Red | Dario Argento

April 11, 2019

In Dario Argento’s Deep Red, the piercing visions of a Jewish-German telepath (Macha Méril) serve as an embodiment of this Italian master’s worldview: to look is to know, and to know is to feel. As in Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blow-Up before it, a murder (here it’s Méril’s imperilled seer) drives the wanderings of David Hemmings’s would-be…

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#KickingtheCanon by Jason Gubbels Music

Mighty Diamonds | Right Time

The 1976 debut album from reggae trio Mighty Diamonds doesn’t usually get lumped in with other roughly contemporary works of Jamaican revolutionary agit-prop, and the reasons why aren’t difficult to comprehend. Burning Spear’s Marcus Garvey, the Abyssinians’ Satta Massagana, and Culture’s Two Sevens Clash all spelled out their apocalyptic intentions — even…

July 17, 2015
by Simon Abrams by Steve Carlson Podcasts

Bad Idea Podcast | Episode 8

#8: Kentucky Crapwagon: The Horror Cinema of William Girdler Download episode here. Episode Description: This month, Steve & I, the Click and Clack of DIY movie podcasts, get festive with a Halloween-themed episode dedicated to the horror films of William Girdler. Girdler is the director of such…

November 1, 2011
by Tina Hassannia Retrospective

A Suit for Wedding | Abbas Kiarostami

Despite its perfectly befitting narrative set-up, and however enjoyable it is to watch, Abbas Kiarostami’s A Suit for Wedding doesn’t entirely live up to its potential. Three working-class apprentices secretly “borrow” an expensive suit from the tailor shop that employs one of the boys. There…

August 22, 2011
In Review | Online film and music criticism