by Simon Abrams by Steve Carlson Podcasts

Bad Idea Podcast | Episode 11

February 20, 2012

#11: Michael Winner: Feminist!?

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Episode Description: This month, we selected a handful of cuts from hack director Michael Winner’s body of work. Don’t let the fact that Winner is primarily known as the director of Death Wish fool you: This guy’s a real feminist. No, seriously, that’s the topic of discussion for this month: Is the guy that put a very big gun in Charles Bronson’s hot little hands secretly a woman lovah? We think so…to an extent. We took a peek at The Sentinel, Scream for Help, Dirty Weekend, and a mystery film (Ooh, whatever could it be?!?!) and talked about Winner’s feminist streak. This month’s Netflix Grab Bag title was, by an overwhelming majority, The Man Behind the Scissors, a 2005 psycho-thriller from Japan that is…uh…not very good. Sadly. We tried to like it, we swear!