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by Ayeen Forootan Film Retrospective

The Wayward Cloud | Tsai Ming-liang

Tsai Ming-liang’s cinema is primarily concerned with naifs and innocents, usually confronted with complex existential conditions, and with The Wayward Cloud (and arguably 2009’s Face, as well), the director offers a complete radicalization of such binary forces. Here, Tsai continues the narrative of sort-of…

by Steven Warner Podcasts

Summer Blockbuster!?! | Episode 104: Four Brothers

#104: Four Brothers Download episode here. Listen to episode here. Episode Description: This week, Summer Blockbuster!?! gets into the holiday spirit as we take on 2005’s Thanksgiving-set revenge tale Four Brothers, directed by John Singleton. Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, Andre Benjamin, and Garrett Hedlund star…

by Sam C. Mac Music Retrospective

Cui Jian | Show You Colour

If there’s any one quality that defines Cui Jian, it’s that he has never been content to be any one thing. Rock ‘n’ roll didn’t start with Cui — so he had to be a Chinese rock ‘n’ roller, fusing his own national identity…

by Chengzhi Jin Retrospective

Tale of Cinema | Hong Sang-soo

In 2005’s Tale of Cinema, as in most of Hong Sang-soo’s works, structure is part of the story. The film is split into two halves, the first of which comprises a short film by a director that people keep mentioning (but whom we don’t really…

by Luke Gorham Podcasts

Summer Blockbuster!?! | Episode 7

#7: High Tension Download episode here. Listen to episode here. Episode Description: On this week’s episode we delve into 2005’s High Tension, an extreme horror flick from France directed by Alexandre Aja that was hacked to death in the editing room by Lionsgate. Hell, they even added…

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