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Bad Idea Podcast | Episode 30

February 22, 2017

#30: Hearts and Glowers: A Rough Ride Through Rom-coms of No Repute

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Episode Description: Like a chance encounter with a long-forgotten lover… like a sore that came from a night of loving unwisely… like an inescapable Celine Dion song… Bad Idea Podcast is coming back to you now! Simon & Steve shake the rust off this old thing and take it back out for a spin only to run into a series of speed bumps in the form of several entries from the lower end of the romantic-comedy bell curve. In between dealing with sassy girls and trying to make love like Englishmen, the boys find time to try and accept Nia Vardalos and Jenny McCarthy into their hearts (only to immediately expel them, because fuck that). They successfully barrel through with their lives and faith in love barely intact and are rewarded with with a Netflix Grab Bag pick of unusual quality: Asghar Farhadi’s scintillating About Elly. They’re back on the road, the tires are rolling at top speed, it’s a clean straightway without a cop in sight and nothing is going to stop me from overextending this metaphor, dammit. Bad Idea Podcast: Come see what’s in our glove compartment.