by Simon Abrams by Steve Carlson Podcasts

Bad Idea Podcast | Episode 12

March 19, 2012

#12: One Whole Year of Bad Ideas: A.K.A. The Happy Madison Productions Episode

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Episode Description: This month, for their twelfth (TWELFTH!!!) Bad Idea Podcast, Simon & Steve forgo their usual obscurities for a series of films people might have actually heard of. Oddly enough, these end up being more painful than the usual fare, as we’ve pulled our selections exclusively from the Adam Sandler stable of Happy Madison Productions. When a Happy Madison film works, it’s because it embraces its hostile weirdness, so it’s disheartening to us to discover that almost everyone in his circle of friends does all they can to deny that part of their humor. (There’s one exception, of course.) After an hour of ranting and grimacing, your hosts reach into the Netflix Grab Bag and find their reward at the end of a lazy, peaceful river: Blissfully Yours. Hear Steve hate on Kevin James! Hear Simon curse out Armond! Hear our plans for the next year! Bad Idea Podcast: we suffer for your entertainment!