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October 24, 2014

by Carson Lund Film

Force Majeure | Ruben Ostlund

October 24, 2014

Though it touches upon the comedy of remarriage film, the family vacation film, the bourgeois critique film, and the male-id exposé film, Force Majeure is nonetheless first and foremost something like a science-fiction object, the kind of thing that some heretofore-undetermined future intelligent species might ponder over in collective amusement. What it shows us is a visual dialectic of inherent absurdity: a natural landscape — the Swiss Alps — of imposing vastness and even more imposing indifference, and swarms of white vacationers bundled up…

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by Veronika Ferdman Film

White Bird in a Blizzard | Gregg Araki

Whether or not one ultimately finds David Fincher’s recent film Gone Girl feminist, misogynist, or somewhere in between, it is thrilling to see a narrative so wickedly and deliciously crafted by the mysteriously vanished Amy, the words of her diary giving presence to her…

October 24, 2014
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