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Bad Idea Podcast | Episode 33

February 26, 2018

#33: A Very Merry (And Very Belated) Christmas at Odie’s Video Store

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Episode Description: This was meant to go out for the holidays, but fuck it — every day is a holiday in Bad Idea Land… Especially when we can have the great Odie Henderson, critic and cinephile and raconteur and connoisseur of all things trashy, giving us nuggets of low-culture deliciousness to feast upon. As he did last time, Mr. Henderson has chosen four titles for Simon and Steve that cut across a wide swath of exploitation cinema, featuring all manner of dancing and gunplay and kung-fu and weird carnivorous breasts. Pam Grier gets attacked by a tiger! Steve tells on the skeevy director of Mausoleum! Simon compares Body Rock to Derek Jarman! Odie discusses the light-absorbing properties of Bernie Casey’s Afro! A woman we all agree to refer to as Fox News Lady beats the hell out of everyone she sees! What did you do for Christmas — drink eggnog and argue with relatives? Come into our hollow and see what real Christmas cheer looks like.