Kicking the Canon: The 2000s Canon Has Arrived, Plus a Redesign

January 26, 2021

Kicking the Canon has underwent a bit of makeover and invited some friends to the party. With a decade having elapsed since the aughts, the KtC editorial team spent 2020, in fits and starts, evaluating and finalizing the 2000s canon, and we are happy to now launch both the film and music canon for that decade. Given the glut of releases in any given year, relative to decades past, and the increased difficulty in winnowing down selections, we decided to use this opportunity to establish a new count of 30 for each year moving forward (any decades we add working backward will remain at 25 per) — that’s 300 new films and 300 new albums added.

While we were at it, the decision was made to likewise update the look — which wasn’t hard given that the previous iteration was one long, text-based page. But effective immediately, Kicking the Canon has moved away from the GeoCities playbook and into the world of CSS 3 and HTML5.  A few structural shifts were also made, and decades have now been broken out into their own respective pages, with filterable years and search options also available. You can find the landing page here, which is your entry point to all things KtC.

Along with the new decade and the new look comes our renewed commitment to producing quality KtC content, and as such, we’ll be publishing new pieces every Monday throughout 2021, at minimum. We’ll see you then. In the meantime, catch up with all of the excellent film and album pieces that have been written.