Summer Blockbuster | Episode 114: Infamous
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by Luke Gorham by Steven Warner Featured Podcasts

Summer Blockbuster!?! | Episode 114: Infamous

January 30, 2021

Episode Description: This week, we conclude our discussion on the 2020 summer movie season by taking on a film we still can’t believe got a theatrical release, no matter how small: Infamous, directed by Joshua Caldwell and starring the one and only Bella Thorne. The noted thespian plays a fame-thirsty, white trash Floridian who hooks up with a local ex-con and goes on a crime spree across the U.S., adding both followers to her Instagram and zeros to her bank account. But as the film bravely asks, at what cost? All of this is simply a jumping off point for co-hosts Luke and Steve to discuss their thoughts on OnlyFans, social media, and the limitless appeal of former Disney stars gone bad. They have never sounded older or crankier.

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