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by InRO Staff Featured Festival Coverage Film

DOC NYC 2021 — Dispatch 1: Films We’ve Already Covered

November 10, 2021

On the festival circuit, documentaries — at least those not directed by Frederick Wiseman or Errol Morris — too easily are overlooked when programmed next to big-ticket titles from international auteurs and the Hollywood machine. DOC NYC is a corrective of sorts to this unfortunate pattern, following the mad rush of fall festival season with a celebration of the documentary form. It’s America’s largest documentary festival, and that’s no weak brag, as it regularly slates in over 200 films across its week-plus run, including plenty of world and U.S. premieres (this year, 32 and 34, respectively) in addition to aggregating the best from the year’s other fests. In short, it’s a must for doc fans, with the year’s biggest award winners usually popping up here, as well as affording ample space to find under-the-radar gems of formal experimentation, social critique, and emotional power. We’ve already written about 15 of the documentaries making a stop at DOC NYC — including some of the year’s biggest, such as Todd Haynes’ The Velvet Underground, Andrea Arnold’s Cow, and Maria Speth’s Mr. Bachmann and His Class — and we too are popping in to write about some more across a few dispatches this month. DOC NYC kicks off today, and runs until November 18 in person at IFC Center, SVA Theatre and Cinépolis Chelsea; it then continues online until November 28. For now, take a look at what we’ve already written up, keep an eye out for our upcoming thoughts on first watches from the fest, and head on over to DOC NYC’s portal for more information on the lineup and to snag your tickets.