Julia Wu - IDFK
Credit: Hip Hop DX Asia
by Kayla Beardslee Featured Foreign Correspondent Music

Julia Wu — IDFK

January 6, 2023

Simply put: Julia Wu has established herself as one of the most consistent artists of the decade so far. The Australian-Chinese singer-songwriter has put out an album every year since 2019 (and more before that) — the mixed Mandarin and English 5 am in 2019, its entirely English version 5 pm in 2020, 2622 in summer 2021, and now IDFK in winter 2022 — and each of them has been a smooth, groovy R&B delight. Highlights during that run include the indelible hook of “One in a Billion,” the hazy “Sunset,” and the cozy, rainy day single Better,” plus many more tracks that fully vibe without sacrificing their character.

IDFK’s title might seem to suggest an under-promise, but its content is that of an excellent R&B record that easily lives up to the standard of Wu’s last few projects.

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Published as part of InRO Weekly — Volume 1, Issue 1.