Credit: Eli Ade/MGM Pictures
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InRO Weekly — Volume 1, Issue 9

March 3, 2023

In This Issue:


Kicking the Canon: Gang of Four (Jacques Rivette) by Daniel Gorman

Creed III (Michael B. Jordan) by Matt Lynch   //   Palm Trees and Power Lines (Jamie Dack) by Andrew Dignan   //   Still the Water (Naomi Kawase) by Fred Barrett   //   Yanagawa (Zhang Lu) by Noel Oakshot   //   Children of the Corn (Kurt Wimmer) by Greg Cwik   //   Linoleum (Colin West) by Travis DeShong   //   Jackals & Fireflies (Charlie Kaufman) by Selina Lee   //   Gods of Mexico (Helmut Dosantos) by Zachary Goldkind   //   Call Me Chihiro (Cheng Er) by Fred Barrett

Bless This Mess (U.S. Girls) by Fred Barrett   //   Workin’ on a World (Iris DeMent) by Sam C. Mac   //   Cracker Island (Gorillaz) by Nick Seip