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by Matt Lynch

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by Matt Lynch Film Genre Views

The Misfits | Renny Harlin

The risible Misfits marks a career low point for director Renny Harlin. Nick Cannon’s here too. Once, he was one of the most reliable directors of action in Hollywood, with out-and-out magic like Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger, and The Long Kiss Goodnight punctuating his resume. But…

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by Matt Lynch Film Streaming Scene

Oxygen | Alexandre Aja

Oxygen’s high concept unfortunately hampers Aja’s ability to impress much on either a visual or narrative level. Seriously erratic genre auteur Alexandre Aja is back. Responsible for shockers both grippingly stupid (Haute Tension), admirably stripped-down (Crawl), and absolutely worthless (Piranha 3D), he’s so irrepressibly…

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