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by Alec Lane

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Best Albums of 2020: Selena Gomez | Rare

Selena Gomez’s solo albums have always had an intensity that’s been largely misunderstood (or simply written off as an attempt to capitalize on her publicly disastrous relationship with Justin Bieber). Her very first, Stars Dance in 2013, came too close on the heels of…

December 27, 2020
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by Alec Lane Music Pop Rocks

Taylor Swift | folklore

While not up to the standard set by T-Swift’s best writing, folklore still manages to remind that she is as keen an emotional observer as ever. The presentation, in both its marketing and its media representation, of Taylor Swift’s latest has taken up more space…

November 28, 2020
Credit: Doug Krantz
by Alec Lane Music Pop Rocks

JoJo | Good to Know

Good to Know is a celebration of JoJo’s confidence and artistic independence, marking a new course after her career’s detours. Best known for the prodigious vocal talent that she displayed as a teen with her early R&B singles, JoJo is an artist with multiple top…

November 28, 2020
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by Alec Lane Music Pop Rocks

Ellie Goulding | Brightest Blue

Ellie Goulding’s latest sees her transition from pure chart persona to an assured pop artist. In the five years since her last album, the excellent Delirium, Ellie Goulding’s position in the pop music stratosphere has remained anomalous and nebulous. The album’s biggest hit, “Love…

November 6, 2020
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by Alec Lane Music Pop Rocks

Lady Gaga | Chromatica

Chromatica delivers occasional melodic pleasures but is otherwise stripped of the complexity and contradiction that usually defines Gaga’s brand of pop. Each new release from Lady Gaga following the Fame and Born This Way heyday is more disarming than the last — increasingly structured around…

July 20, 2020
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