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by Michael Doub

Credit: Autechre
by Michael Doub Music Obscure Object

Autechre | SIGN and PLUS

Autechre’s mass and density hasn’t changed so much as has its distribution of those welcome, riveting qualities. Only in the world of Autechre could the enigmatic, intergalactic goth etudes of SIGN constitute easy listening. But such is their uniquely audacious and demanding project. The…

January 18, 2021
by Michael Doub Ledger Line Music

James Blake | Assume Form

James Blake sings the quiet parts loud; now a decade into his career, his arc is best charted through the evolution, and presentation, of his own introversion. Blake’s early EPs operated as soundtracks for solo clubbing, while his subsequent reinvention into a singer-producer captured conflicted internal monologues and ruminated…

January 28, 2019
In Review | Online film and music criticism