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Credit: MixMag
by Paul Attard Music Obscure Object

Rikhter | Doma

Despite venturing into LP-length territory for the first time, Doma sees Rikhter as forceful and focused as ever. The R Label Group — a boutique music distribution network based in Berlin, Germany which was founded in 2013 — has had a busy last few years, releasing…

Credit: Nathan Keay
by Andrew Bosma Ledger Line Music


HEY WHAT proves that even down a bandmember, Low is still one of the best at perpetual, successful reinvention. Fresh off of another lineup change, Low puts together an impressively tense experimental pop album with HEY WHAT, a record sure to rank high in their…

Credit: Jessee Faatz
by Jonathan Keefe Music Rooted & Restless

Billy Strings | Renewal

Renewal perfectly articulates Billy Strings’ wunderkind facility with both traditional and progressive bluegrass bona fides. Bluegrass remains the most doggedly conservative — from a formalist perspective, though there’s a whole separate conversation about its political sensibilities, too — genre of popular music, one that largely…