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Credit: NYFF
by Luke Gorham Film Streaming Scene

Lovers Rock | Steve McQueen

With Lovers Rock, McQueen mostly turns down his directorial affectations and let’s the film’s beauty and joy act as guide.  Steve McQueen has always been a fine purveyor of potentially rich and powerful narratives, but he’s been much less consistent as their steward. His first…

November 27, 2020
Credit: NYFF
by M.G. Mailloux Film Streaming Scene

Mangrove | Steve McQueen

Mangrove too often gets lost in its dusty courtroom formula, but it at least boasts a human center that contrasts with the film’s trial spectacle. Steve McQueen has spent the last decade making films that are quite decidedly about America, creating a body of work…

November 20, 2020
Credit: TIFF
by Luke Gorham Film Horizon Line

Sound of Metal | Darius Marder

Sound of Metal is not the sonic game-changer that its marketing once suggested, but it works marginally better as a restrained, if formulaic drama.   Sound of Metal seems to believe itself to be part of some kind of sonic evolution in cinema. It isn’t. Darius Marder’s…

November 19, 2020
Credit: Amazon/Blumhouse
by Daniel Gorman Film Streaming Scene

Nocturne | Zu Quirke

Nocturne, while imperfect and visually deficient, nonetheless represents the best yet of Amazon’s Welcome to the Blumhouse collab. Part of the second batch of Blumhouse films premiering direct-to-streaming on Amazon, Nocturne, while far from perfect, at least shows what this distribution experiment could be capable…

October 15, 2020
Credit: Amazon
by Daniel Gorman Film Streaming Scene

The Lie | Veena Sud

The Lie is a generic, inauspicious inauguration for Amazon’s Welcome to the Blumhouse collaboration.  Just in time for Halloween, uber-producer Jason Blum (and his Blumhouse Pictures) has teamed up with Amazon to release eight features directly to the commerce giant’s streaming platform. While the press…

October 6, 2020
In Review | Online film and music criticism