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Credit: Jack Mitchell
by Nicholas Yap Film Horizon Line

Ailey | Jamila Wignot

Ailey ably captures and reflects its eponymous subject’s abiding vision: art’s capacity as a universal language. On December 4, 1988, dancer-choreographer Alvin Ailey received the Kennedy Center Honor in recognition of his contributions to modern dance throughout the second half of the 20th century.…

Credit: Neon
by Luke Gorham Film Genre Views

Pig | Michael Sarnoski

Pig isn’t the Nic Cage film you’re expecting — it’s better.  It’s tough to recall a recent film — particularly outside the auteur context — that announces itself with as much clarity as Pig. The film stars Nicolas Cage as a curmudgeonly hermit on the…

Credit: TIFF
by Josh Cabrita Film Horizon Line

New Order | Michel Franco

Both politically and aesthetically, New Order is an ironic and troubling proclamation of solidarity with the old, regressive guard. The refinement of taste, an ongoing exploration of one’s personal experience, while all well and good, always runs the risk of becoming solipsistic, of neglecting the areas…

Credit: Neon
by Chris Mello Film Genre Views

In the Earth | Ben Wheatley

Wheatley’s latest both builds and holds tension effectively, harnessing the director’s penchant for psychedelia and bruising horror to brutal effect. When Martin remarks at the wonder of being out of the house for the first time in four months, Alma, his guide into the…

Credit: Neon
by Calum Reed Film Horizon Line

Ammonite | Francis Lee

Ammonite struggles to summon the visceral potency or emotional depth needed to tell its story. Three years on from Francis Lee’s terrific gay drama, God’s Own Country, and the director has moved on from the romantic union of two lusty male farmers to a 19th-century…

Credit: Neon
by Daniel Gorman Film Horizon Line

Possessor | Brandon Cronenberg

Possessor is an artfully ultra-violent and surprisingly empathetic mash-up of futuristic and retro genre influences. In Brandon Cronenberg’s debut film Antiviral, there’s a line of dialogue that sticks out as a kind of poetic koan to his sensibility; a salesman specializing in pushing celebrities’ viral contagions…

Photo: Neon
by Daniel Gorman Film Horizon Line

She Dies Tomorrow | Amy Seimetz

She Dies Tomorrow is a fever-dreamy reflection of modern existential anxieties.  Rodney Ascher’s 2015 documentary The Nightmare follows multiple subjects that have experienced bouts of sleep paralysis, a real phenomenon involving the sensation of being lucid but with an inability to speak or move. It’s not…

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