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#KickingtheCanon by Daniel Gorman Film

Blade | Stephen Norrington

March 23, 2020

No question, the ‘90s were a turbulent time for superhero movies: the Superman franchise had long been dormant, put in limbo thanks to producer malfeasance and increasingly awful sequels; ditto the Batman films, with the one-two punch of the puke-colored, day-glo, pop-culture-punchline-featuring Batman Forever and Batman & Robin turning the iconic character into pure camp. Numerous other heroes — the Fantastic Four, Captain America, Nick Fury, Generation X, Spiderman — had all been the subjects of particularly awful, no-budget movies…

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#BlockbusterBeat by Matt Lynch Film

San Andreas | Brad Peyton

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Brad Peyton’s San Andreas is little more than an excuse for elaborate CG destruction and cliched narrative bullet points. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson must repair his fractured marriage and rescue his teen daughter in the midst of an apocalyptic natural cataclysm…that’s…

May 28, 2015
#KickingtheCanon by 
Drew Hunt Film

Se7en | David Fincher

With a title sequence that references both Stan Brakhage and To Kill a Mockingbird, David Fincher’s Se7en announces itself as a decidedly progressive genre text. Throughout his career, but particularly in this early masterwork, Fincher’s consumed the fleeting styles of Hollywood and mainstream film — in this case, film noir — and…

March 23, 2015
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