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Credit: TIFF
by M.G. Mailloux Film Horizon Line

City Hall | Frederick Wiseman

Unlike Wiseman’s typically nuanced, curious documentary treatments, City Hall doesn’t have much to offer beyond standard homage to contemporary liberalism. What Frederick Wiseman does, at this point, can be boiled down to an easy elevator pitch, which at once vastly undersells the depth and…

Credit: TIFF
by M.G. Mailloux Film

Saint-Narcisse | Bruce LaBruce

There is surely more space in Hollywood for queer cinema than ever before, but this visibility inevitably comes with an obligation to play towards the industry’s conservatism. But this is why it’s such a blessing that Bruce LaBruce continues to make the sort of…

Credit: Ucqar Film
by Daniel Gorman Film

In Between Dying | Hilal Baydarov

In the rarefied world of slow cinema — the kinds of films that flourish at film festivals but with limited commercial prospects outside those specialized confines — there’s a fine, indistinct line between contemplative and boring. Hilal Baydarov’s In Between Dying spends most of…

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