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Credit: Doug Krantz
by Alec Lane Music Pop Rocks

JoJo | Good to Know

Good to Know is a celebration of JoJo’s confidence and artistic independence, marking a new course after her career’s detours. Best known for the prodigious vocal talent that she displayed as a teen with her early R&B singles, JoJo is an artist with multiple top…

by Ryo Miyauchi Foreign Correspondent Music

Tofubeats | Run

“Do you have an album you recently liked?” Tofubeats cried out on 2017’s “Shoppingmall,” the lead-off track of their last album, Fantasy Club. There, drowned-out by noises of the modern world, digital-pop producer Yūsuke Kawai still desperately yearned to connect with anyone who was willing to listen…

by Sam C. Mac Kicking the Canon Music

Iris DeMent | My Life

Defined by no genre so much as she is her deep roots in Arkansas, and an uneasiness toward her Pentecostal upbringing, Iris DeMent is still more-often-than-not filed under country, thanks to an affected twang (she left the south at age three) and to her music’s distinctly blue-collar…

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