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#KickingtheCanon by Maximilien Luc Proctor Film

Cruising | William Friedkin

April 27, 2020

A languid watercraft cruising the currents of the Hudson River. “Captain! Something off the port bow!” A rotten human arm floating in the distance. It was February 8th, 1980 — a new decade — that saw the release of William Friedkin’s Cruising. Ever the tinkerer, Friedkin has since released a director’s cut of his film, which begins, instead, with a little prelude: two high-contrast, grainy, black-and-white shots, one of the film’s lead actor, Al Pacino, observing a crowd outside the…

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#KickingtheCanon by Jonathan Keefe Music

Emmylou Harris | Roses in the Snow

Emmylou Harris’ first four studio albums all stuck to an eclectic formula that allowed her to establish her bona fides as the premier interpretive vocalist of her generation. What those early albums lacked, though, was a sense of focus. Harris’s eclecticism cut against her…

April 8, 2019
In Review | Online film and music criticism