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Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé | Beyoncé & Ed Burke

April 27, 2019

Like most pop stars who ascend to her level, Beyoncé Knowles is rather inscrutable — despite the ubiquitous image and brand. It’s hard to determine with much certainty what percentage of Beyoncé’s message is passionately held belief and how much is devastatingly savvy PR work. Granted, we interrogate Beyoncé in this way because she puts much more out on the line than your average pop musician — and because, in many ways, she has much more to lose. This is…

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by InRO Staff Feature Articles Music Year in Review

Top 10 Albums of 2016

In a year most of us would rather forget for one reason or another, 2016 was welcomingly giving when it came to dispensing albums from some of both this and last century’s greatest performers. The sheer wealth of material this year means fantastic work…

December 29, 2016
by InRO Staff Feature Articles Music Year in Review

Top 10 Songs of 2016

Just another year gone by—except songs seemed particularly vital for getting through these last 12 months. Not that you need me to tell you, but we lost some of our greatest purveyors of the form in 2016, and if the 10 selections below can’t compensate—if there’s no…

December 29, 2016
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