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Unsane | Steven Soderbergh

March 22, 2018

Unsane is a nifty little movie, a cheeky, intelligent thriller shot in secret on an iPhone and slipped into theaters in the space of a few months. That’s not to say that it’s anything other than another of Steven Soderbergh’s genre-infused larks. Claire Foy stars as Sawyer Valentini, a troubled young woman who finds herself involuntarily committed to a mental hospital, where she discovers that one of the nurses is the creep (Joshua Leonard) who previously stalked and threatened her. Or is it all…

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by Luke Gorham by Sam C. Mac Feature Articles Film

You Can’t Stop What’s Coming | Fall Film 2008

August 12, 2008

A few weeks back we presented you with our lists of the best films of 2008, so far. Without much fanfare we now share our picks for what looks good that’s yet to be released. As it’s impossible to tell if any of these movies will really be worth our time, a list like this shouldn’t be taken too seriously: these are just films that Luke and I both agree have a fair amount of potential.…

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