by Simon Abrams by Steve Carlson Podcasts

Bad Idea Podcast | Episode 6

August 22, 2011

#6: O Captain, Not My Captain: Cinema’s Anti-American Captain Americas

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Episode Description: What’s on tap for this month? Anti-Americanism! Or at least a version therein, as Simon & Steve discover that an iconic superhero on the page has invariably seemed a lot less iconic when rendered in live action. Not that anyone could remain iconic when Albert Pyun or Reb Brown get involved. (The awful TV movies in which the latter played Captain America are career low points, and he was in friggin’ Space Mutiny!) The Turkish whatzit Three Giant Men proves to be the most interesting take on Captain America we could find, mainly because it has naught to do with the actual superhero. After that trial by fire, we drag ourselves over to the Netflix Grab Bag and pull out a minor surprise: David Arquette’s unexpectedly amusing slasher semi-spoof The Tripper.