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May 10, 2019

#StreamingScene by Matthew Lucas Film

Knock Down the House | Rachel Lears

May 10, 2019

In the 2018 election, more women, and specifically women of color, ran for elected office than ever before. Many of these women were progressives running grassroots campaigns against establishment Democrats, advocating for what they consider to be real progressive change in the face of a stagnation upheld by gatekeepers of the status quo. Rachel Lears’s new documentary, Knock Down the House, follows Congressional bids from Nevada’s Amy Vilela and Missouri’s Cori Bush, as well as West Virginiaian Paula Jean Swearingen’s…

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#PopRocks by Paul Attard Music

Schoolboy Q | Crash Talk

Patience is a virtue that most hip-hop fans don’t possess, and one that they don’t really need to; it’s generally been accepted that in order to stay relevant against the seemingly endless cavalcade of face-tatted SoundCloud youngsters, an artist has to consistently flood the…

May 10, 2019
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